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Love these guys! After my second child, I was the most out of shape I’ve ever been. Christina helped modify exercises for me and showed me specific exercises to do at home. And she always takes time to show you new things and push you to be stronger! Chet is a great instructor who really helps prefect form to defend/attack with strength when teaching Krav Maga. Together– this couple is who you want no matter what level you are starting at!

Antonio Compbell

“I am so lucky to have met these two. They are the cutest couple and are new in town from Colorado and I could not be happier to have Christina as my kickboxing instructor and my personal trainer. She is extra special and I made a new friend and get to have a new body too. It’s a win win. I can go on and on. Y’all come check them out! First two classes are free to see if it’s your thang. I’m addicted. Just saying. Thank you Christina & Chet.”

Lauren Nicole Grob

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