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Real self-defense is just like the following:

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Profiling can help you completely avoid a dangerous situation:

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Who would be the softest target?

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Telling the world what you are doing and where you are going on social media can be very dangerous.

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Any weapon that can slow or stop an attacker can and should be used.

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If you are being held at gunpoint and the attacker wants your wallet you should:

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If you're being harassed in traffic you should:

7 out of 12

Deadly force striking is used to:

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If you feel like something is not right you should:

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When your life is on the line you should focus on trying to call 911/Emergency Services and forget about trying to retreat or fight back.

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It's pretty easy to get your cell phone out and call the police when an attacker is approaching you.

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Most criminals have training in martial arts or tactical self-defense.

12 out of 12

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