We Are 100% Focused On the SAFETY of Our Students

See How To Pay Less For Private Classes While Your Kids Earn Better Grades

The training units of our programs are based on repeating routines under the eye of the constantly observing teacher. The students have to always pay attention to their own movement patterns as well as on group activities. This “Forced Focus” typically leads to a state of flow, where your kid is NOT DISTRACTED by any thoughts.

Although their bodies are moving fast, now INSIDE their minds the children become CALM and peaceful. Wait for a second - can you sense this feeling of relief, too? Wow. It’s kinda like a remote control for your little one to turn off the noise in his head.

Over time, our routines gradually improve your child’s IMPULSE-CONTROL and ability to FOCUS, two invaluable skills to have in a modern stress-filled world. Countless studies have shown that kids with these skills live more in the present moment and can FINISH the ONE task in front of them. Oh, and yes, they get BETTER GRADES in school, so you can stop spending money on your kid’s private tutor!