Applied Tactics for Law Enforcement: Krav Maga/BJJ Ground Survival

This program will equip officers with the skills & fitness that their job requires to keep them, their team and the public safe!

This is a great supplement to any defensive tactics program. If you are the leader of your defensive tactics division, this will enable you to teach Krav Maga/BJJ Ground Survival tactics to your department.

Get Fit And Have Fun In Our Law Enforcement Training classes

Our system is highly adaptable to any situation. The premise is simple: you have a problem; using the principles of Krav Maga/BJJ, we provide the solutions. Whether the suspect is being resistive, passive or aggressive, our Applied Tactics program has a solution that will result in minimal injury to the officer and perpetrator. It is based on real life dangers and real-life solutions, designed to be easy to learn, quick to use and to keep you safe.