Self-Defense Classes in Covington

This is an amazing place!! The instructors are so nice and helpful! It is great for all levels of fitness. I love that you can get a great workout and learn really useful self-defense skills!! Definitely recommend!!!

Kalene White

Quick Self-Defense Quiz

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Real self-defense is just like the following:

1 out of 12

Profiling can help you completely avoid a dangerous situation:

2 out of 12

Who would be the softest target?

3 out of 12

Telling the world what you are doing and where you are going on social media can be very dangerous.

4 out of 12

Any weapon that can slow or stop an attacker can and should be used.

5 out of 12

If you are being held at gunpoint and the attacker wants your wallet you should:

6 out of 12

If you're being harassed in traffic you should:

7 out of 12

Deadly force striking is used to:

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If you feel like something is not right you should:

9 out of 12

When your life is on the line you should focus on trying to call 911/Emergency Services and forget about trying to retreat or fight back.

10 out of 12

It's pretty easy to get your cell phone out and call the police when an attacker is approaching you.

11 out of 12

Most criminals have training in martial arts or tactical self-defense.

12 out of 12

Our Programs

Adult Kickboxing

Kickboxing is easy to learn, great for fitness, and lots of fun. You’ll learn safely on the bag and with partners.

Children’s Self-Defense

Krav Maga is highly effective self-defense that is easy to learn. KM gives kids the skills to stay safe and build confidence.

Adult Self-Defense

Our self-defense is based on the Krav Maga Israeli military system. No theory or complicated forms to learn. Just real-world skills.

What Makes Us Different

Sometimes it seems like there are more martial arts styles than stars in the sky.


We’ve pulled the best skills, tactics, and strategies from all the major styles and combined them into one, easy to learn, highly effective v program.

You will quickly learn how to defend yourself and get into great shape.

Everyone from Bruce Lee to Mr. Miyagi said the secret to success is to, “Focus on what works and discard the rest.”

Who are we to argue with those guys?

self-defense classes in Covington


Our students tell us our classes give them an unshakable confidence that improves all areas of their lives. Their grades get better. They’re better behaved and they gain the confidence to say NO to peer pressure.

self-defense classes in Covington


What we teach can save your life. We’ll teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones in a safe, supportive manner. We’re constantly working with the world’s leading experts on self-protection to make sure what we teach works in today’s’ world.

self-defense classes in Covington

Our trial self-defense program is designed for two important purposes.

1. It gives you a chance to experience our school.

2. It gives us a chance to make sure you are a good fit for our school.

Krav maga is about personal safety, not bullying.


Love these guys! After my second child, I was the most out of shape I’ve ever been. Christina helped modify exercises for me and showed me specific exercises to do at home. And she always takes time to show you new things and push you to be stronger! Chet is a great instructor who really helps perfect form to defend/attack with strength when teaching Krav Maga. Together– this couple is who you want no matter what level you are starting at!

Amber Berger

I am so lucky to have met these two. They are the cutest couple and are new in town from Colorado and I could not be happier to have Christina as my kickboxing instructor and my personal trainer. She is extra special and I made a new friend and get to have a new body too. It’s a win win. I can go on and on. Y’all come check them out! First two classes are free to see if it’s your thang. I’m addicted. Just saying. Thank you Christina & Chet.

Lauren Nicole Grob

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